Black Basalt Beach: It isn’t hard to love

Jac Mornington has a bunch of Second Life beaches in his pocket, but Black Basalt Beach is a great public spot for Second Love beach–lovers to wander.

And I’m not just saying that because one of my Flickr pictures of the many fun bits of inventiveness just got my highest page view ever! (Could it be the title “Nude Fishing” brought me some viewers? Yo, I’m still trying to figure out this social media.)

One of the marks of a really good Second Life beach, in the opinion of SecondLifeBeach is that…not only are there interesting destinations to take a new look at but also… there are interesting ways to get from A to B. (Let A = “Amazing” and B = “Blow me away!”) Such details Black Basalt Beach has in abundance. Come check it out, my fellow Second-Life beachfolk, and a big thank you to Jac Mornington!


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