Save Petrovsky Flux and its post-apocalyptic beach!


Could Second LIfe be about to lose this amazing art installation by Cutea Benelli and blotto Epsilon? According to Ziki Questi and others, it may be at risk unless the sim finds a new sponsor.

SecondLifeBeach would hate to see it go because it even includes some un-paralleled beach features. Beatures? Such as predatory pink sofas, a bench made of giant pink tongues, and a post-apocalyptic outdoor TV viewing area. Whether or not you are all about the post-apocalyptic noir industrial grunge dystopia, you should definitely visit this great space now!


First life or Second Life beach?

Sally Lightfoot crab

Sally Lightfoot crab

Second Life ninjas create many items that call forth emotions tied into First Life. But how often have you seen something amazing in real life and thought to yourself, “That reminds me of Second Life!”

From the Galapagos Islands, here’s a real borderline creature, the Sally Lightfoot crab. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what John Steinbeck once said:

Many people have spoken at length of the Sally Lightfoots. In fact, everyone who has seen them has been delighted with them. The very name they are called by reflects the delight of the name. These little crabs, with brilliant cloisonné carapaces, walk on their tiptoes, They have remarkable eyes and an extremely fast reaction time. In spite of the fact that they swarm on the rocks at the Cape .. they are exceedingly hard to catch. They seem to be able to run in any of four directions; but more than this, perhaps because of their rapid reaction time, they appear to read the mind of their hunter. They escape the long-handled net, anticipating from what direction it is coming. If you walk slowly, they move slowly ahead of you in droves. If you hurry, they hurry. When you plunge at them, they seem to disappear in a puff of blue smoke—at any rate, they disappear. It is impossible to creep up on them.

Worthy of Second Life beaches, and that’s saying something.

Bondi Beach: Inside the curl

Wow, Bondi Beach, where your first time surfing is not just possible but awesome… I love Second Life!

The ocean is Caribbean blue but the flavor is Australian.. saw lots of people here every time I visited, strolling the beach or chasing the mighty blue waves.

The water here is where the action is.. lots of action, megaprim waves and free boats/surfboards scripted to interact with the waves in enjoyable waves. Headed out to a wave, you like down and paddle. Once you get there, you are standing up on the surfboard and looking surferriffic.

SecondLifeBeach will be coming back here for sure, and I recommend it to all you would-be surfers out there.

Just what god would have done if he had the money…

“It’s what God would have done if he’d had the money,” said George Kaufman about the estate of his pal Moss Hart.

But this amazingly beautiful build (Mod Copy) by Naiman Broome is exactly what SecondLifeBeach would do if I had the $L18950, the 52×52 lot, and the 808 prims to spare for an amazingly beautiful pre-Castro Cuba beach mansion. His building talents are truly amazing.

The quote:

Beach boy style with a hint of old money

Dear Second Life men, I am as devoted to my witty Tshirts and artfully-ripped tight jeans as anyone, but by this time of my (second) life I already HAVE them. I don’t need new ones.

What I like at Hanauma Bay Clothiers is that they show a casual beach style that is not exactly the same stuff you see everywhere. Here I am wearing my new white polo shirt and khaki shorts, note the preppy plaid lining.

I have it on good authority that @AdriHarper does not mind bare feet in her store. Which is a good thing because this outfit looked hilarious with the black dress shoes I walked in wearing.

Another good thing about Adrienne Harper’s store is its witty solution to the problem of wanting to rez new clothes right away. Purchases come in a “wear-to-rez” object that looks hilariously like an upscale garment bag hanging from your hand. It’s easy to get your clothes out of there and try them on.

Trying on clothes in the store did not used to be so tempting in the days before mesh. But now, you just put on invisible layers to start with, and after that nobody can tell if you are naked or not. I love progress, don’t you?

Now, back to the beach…

A beautiful beach is worth 2 sand terrain textures

The name “Isla Okiddo” on Second Life’s recommended destination list caught my eye, because if something’s an island, wouldn’t it have a beach? It does have a beach, and a very handsome beach, with waves and some nice beach features (beachures?) by Alex Bader of Skye Studio.

One subtle feature that you don’t see very often is the use of two different terrain textures to make the sand beach. Because sim owners get only 4 textures to play with on the land tool, it shows real commitment to dedicate 2 of those 4 to creating a wet-sand-to-dry-sand gradient. Absolutely worth it, in SecondLifeBeach’s opinion!

You can see more of this landscape on my Flickr feed

Strawberry Singh did a very nice write-up with info I’m not going to duplicate here:

If you love lovely beaches, go make a visit yourself. Just be aware that it’s rated Adult and listed on the front page of the website, so you may encounter, for example, a day-old giant crude bunny rabbit looking for action. He’s in the wrong place, but you’re not.

In which we rescue Elvis from black velvet

Where do you go for great art after you have migrated Mona Lisa to a Second Life beach? The only possible answer is … a black-velvet Elvis.

Now I think I have contributed enough to the art world for today and can go over to dance for a while at Frank’s Elite Jazz Club to the amazing tunes of my friend DJ Merry.

Peace, love, over and out. Just keep your toes curling over your surfboard.

Beach boys like day jobs they can do at night

Every Friday night, Frank’s Elite Jazz Club has a special show under the Second Life stars, and I play in the band when they have one.
It’s a great place and I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Something to smile about

The real world needs more Second Life beach magic, and when I say the real world of course what I mean is works of great art that I can improve and then put on the walls of my house.

Don’t you think Mona Lisa looks happier now that I gave her a Matanzas beach backround plus a coconut drink to hold. Look, she already drank it. Now look at her smile!