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Bondi Beach: Inside the curl

Wow, Bondi Beach, where your first time surfing is not just possible but awesome… I love Second Life!

The ocean is Caribbean blue but the flavor is Australian.. saw lots of people here every time I visited, strolling the beach or chasing the mighty blue waves.

The water here is where the action is.. lots of action, megaprim waves and free boats/surfboards scripted to interact with the waves in enjoyable waves. Headed out to a wave, you like down and paddle. Once you get there, you are standing up on the surfboard and looking surferriffic.

SecondLifeBeach will be coming back here for sure, and I recommend it to all you would-be surfers out there.


Antreas Alter: Making waves

If you’ve zoned out on your favorite Second Life beach, drinking a Mai Tai and watching some amazing waves, chances are you’ve seen the creations of Antreas Alter.

See this tropical island with surf splashing against it and big long surfy combers in the background? They’re on Antreas Alter’s own sim, where Second LIfe Beach took a long and leisurely walkabout, snapping snapshots of many different kinds of waves (tropical, stormy, surfy, Mediterrranean, etc. etc. etc.)

The waves were amazing .. on two levels. And I mean that more literally than most things are meant on most blogs:

  • Level One,  at Second Life sea-level, the waves look awesome in action on Second Life water.But if you’ve ever looked at good waves from any Second Life beach, you already know that.
  • Level Two, about 500m up in the air, in the sky-platform showroom, the waves look amazing but in a different way, as they swirl or swoosh over big flat blue prims.

If Second Life Beach ever gets its courage up, it wants to interview Antreas Alter. But until that happens, I recommend you get completely seduced by my photos (especially this one!) and then make a visit to his sim My Paradise…just to add to your own joy of Second Life beaching.