Not just salty — there are many flavors of ocean

I rent a small house on beautiful tropical Matanzas Island, hosted by my friend and very artistic creator Ms Skate Foss. But white sand, palm trees, and seashells are not the only flavor of Second LIfe beaches.

Junkyard Blues has a Gulf Coast environment chock full of trailer parks, shanties, and houseboats.

Tuff Old Boats, from cuddle canoes to boat rezzers to funky houseboats, are sold in Marketplace by both Jamz Dench and Rya Nitely but their sim is really worth seeing.

Blots Plot (The Old Mermaid Inn) has retro/vintage British seaside goods at bargain prices. Zoltar and candy floss, anyone?

These are just a few of the many great places that lovers of Second LIfe water should dip a toe into.


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