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Just what god would have done if he had the money…

“It’s what God would have done if he’d had the money,” said George Kaufman about the estate of his pal Moss Hart.

But this amazingly beautiful build (Mod Copy) by Naiman Broome is exactly what SecondLifeBeach would do if I had the $L18950, the 52×52 lot, and the 808 prims to spare for an amazingly beautiful pre-Castro Cuba beach mansion. His building talents are truly amazing.

The quote: http://www.theguardian.com/news/2007/apr/20/guardianobituaries.artsobituaries


Beach boy style with a hint of old money

Dear Second Life men, I am as devoted to my witty Tshirts and artfully-ripped tight jeans as anyone, but by this time of my (second) life I already HAVE them. I don’t need new ones.

What I like at Hanauma Bay Clothiers is that they show a casual beach style that is not exactly the same stuff you see everywhere. Here I am wearing my new white polo shirt and khaki shorts, note the preppy plaid lining.

I have it on good authority that @AdriHarper does not mind bare feet in her store. Which is a good thing because this outfit looked hilarious with the black dress shoes I walked in wearing.

Another good thing about Adrienne Harper’s store is its witty solution to the problem of wanting to rez new clothes right away. Purchases come in a “wear-to-rez” object that looks hilariously like an upscale garment bag hanging from your hand. It’s easy to get your clothes out of there and try them on.

Trying on clothes in the store did not used to be so tempting in the days before mesh. But now, you just put on invisible layers to start with, and after that nobody can tell if you are naked or not. I love progress, don’t you?

Now, back to the beach…

After a hard day at the beach…

…that new lounger I bought from Trompe L’Oeil at FaMeshed looks mighty good!

What I’m wearing besides sun oil plus Slink hands and feet.. my new bathing suit, appropriately called Gold Shiny. I don’t think I’m ready to let anybody see what it’s like from the front though.

By the way, my house, which you can see in the background, is also from Trompe l’Oeil (aka Cory Edo.) He/she/they do great beach-style work!

SecondLifeBeach Style at the Arcade: Ceiling fans for the cool!

Ocean breezes are great, but when beach boys and girls head indoors for siesta, a nice ceiling fan puts just the right spin on beach life atmosphere. These 25L gacha fans from Trompe l’Oeil really just pulled lindens out of my pockets. I like their stuff so much, guess I’ll have to find their main store instead of chasing their little displays around from FaMeshed to Arcade.


PG or adult? That is the FaMeshed question…

Really handsome decor for your private beach from Cory Edo (Trompe l’Oeil.) This gorgeous beach lounger (check out the wheels!) is what SecondLifeBeach tped to FaMeshed to find, after Skate Foss showed me the new ones she bought, on Matanzas. Lots of different fabrics and patterns and poses, even in the PG version.

Because… beach boy style is important! See more beach boy goodies at FaMeshed, here,

Wearing a beach-boy classic for summer plus formal:
L & B Classic white open tuxedo
L & B Dress shoe traditional laceup shoes


Not just salty — there are many flavors of ocean

I rent a small house on beautiful tropical Matanzas Island, hosted by my friend and very artistic creator Ms Skate Foss. But white sand, palm trees, and seashells are not the only flavor of Second LIfe beaches.

Junkyard Blues has a Gulf Coast environment chock full of trailer parks, shanties, and houseboats.

Tuff Old Boats, from cuddle canoes to boat rezzers to funky houseboats, are sold in Marketplace by both Jamz Dench and Rya Nitely but their sim is really worth seeing.

Blots Plot (The Old Mermaid Inn) has retro/vintage British seaside goods at bargain prices. Zoltar and candy floss, anyone?

These are just a few of the many great places that lovers of Second LIfe water should dip a toe into.