After a hard day at the beach…

…that new lounger I bought from Trompe L’Oeil at FaMeshed looks mighty good!

What I’m wearing besides sun oil plus Slink hands and feet.. my new bathing suit, appropriately called Gold Shiny. I don’t think I’m ready to let anybody see what it’s like from the front though.

By the way, my house, which you can see in the background, is also from Trompe l’Oeil (aka Cory Edo.) He/she/they do great beach-style work!


Evening beach music for all you creators to dream on

Way back in black-and-white, someone took video of young Jimmy Buffett on a high school stage, with two other guys, two folding chairs, and not a lot more than that. Except maybe the part where Hunter Thompson sneaks in behind them. Long before Margaritaville became a mega-media empire, it was just a song that a young guy was willing to sing, again and again, because it was his own song.
So, don’t give up your dreams too easily. Most people do.

SecondLifeBeach Style at the Arcade: Ceiling fans for the cool!

Ocean breezes are great, but when beach boys and girls head indoors for siesta, a nice ceiling fan puts just the right spin on beach life atmosphere. These 25L gacha fans from Trompe l’Oeil really just pulled lindens out of my pockets. I like their stuff so much, guess I’ll have to find their main store instead of chasing their little displays around from FaMeshed to Arcade.

Black Basalt Beach: It isn’t hard to love

Jac Mornington has a bunch of Second Life beaches in his pocket, but Black Basalt Beach is a great public spot for Second Love beach–lovers to wander.

And I’m not just saying that because one of my Flickr pictures of the many fun bits of inventiveness just got my highest page view ever! (Could it be the title “Nude Fishing” brought me some viewers? Yo, I’m still trying to figure out this social media.)

One of the marks of a really good Second Life beach, in the opinion of SecondLifeBeach is that…not only are there interesting destinations to take a new look at but also… there are interesting ways to get from A to B. (Let A = “Amazing” and B = “Blow me away!”) Such details Black Basalt Beach has in abundance. Come check it out, my fellow Second-Life beachfolk, and a big thank you to Jac Mornington!

PG or adult? That is the FaMeshed question…

Really handsome decor for your private beach from Cory Edo (Trompe l’Oeil.) This gorgeous beach lounger (check out the wheels!) is what SecondLifeBeach tped to FaMeshed to find, after Skate Foss showed me the new ones she bought, on Matanzas. Lots of different fabrics and patterns and poses, even in the PG version.

Because… beach boy style is important! See more beach boy goodies at FaMeshed, here,

Wearing a beach-boy classic for summer plus formal:
L & B Classic white open tuxedo
L & B Dress shoe traditional laceup shoes

Antreas Alter: Making waves

If you’ve zoned out on your favorite Second Life beach, drinking a Mai Tai and watching some amazing waves, chances are you’ve seen the creations of Antreas Alter.

See this tropical island with surf splashing against it and big long surfy combers in the background? They’re on Antreas Alter’s own sim, where Second LIfe Beach took a long and leisurely walkabout, snapping snapshots of many different kinds of waves (tropical, stormy, surfy, Mediterrranean, etc. etc. etc.)

The waves were amazing .. on two levels. And I mean that more literally than most things are meant on most blogs:

  • Level One,  at Second Life sea-level, the waves look awesome in action on Second Life water.But if you’ve ever looked at good waves from any Second Life beach, you already know that.
  • Level Two, about 500m up in the air, in the sky-platform showroom, the waves look amazing but in a different way, as they swirl or swoosh over big flat blue prims.

If Second Life Beach ever gets its courage up, it wants to interview Antreas Alter. But until that happens, I recommend you get completely seduced by my photos (especially this one!) and then make a visit to his sim My Paradise…just to add to your own joy of Second Life beaching.

Matanzas: Brand-new but with five years experience

Come for the white sand beaches, stay for the waterfall, dance pavilion, rain forest, and so much more. With the sim’s five-year birthday coming up, its creator Skate Foss just keeps getting newly inspired. I took a tour with her last night, so put photos up on Flickr showing some of what we saw.

Something old (and in Second Life, five years is REALLY old): Skate Foss bought a beachy desert island sim almost exactly five years ago. Then….she started making it gorgeous and hasn’t stopped yet.
Something new: Mesh has transformed the possibilities of Second Life, even Second Life beaches, making it possible to create more detail using fewer prims, so you end up with even more gorgeous stuff. The interior of the island, a beautiful tropical wilderness to match our white sand beaches, is getting a big Skate Foss makeover with mesh plants and animals adding new levels of detailed believability.
Something borrowed: Great creators build on the work of other great creators. Two of great creators with lots of work displayed around the island are Nadine Reverie (3D Trees) and Antreas Alter (Real Waves.)
Something blue: That cheeky blue macaw I saw up high in a tree..but then I couldn’t find him when I wanted a photograph for this blogpost.
Come visit lovely Matanzas and help me look for him!

Something special: A pebble beach with weather

Yes, it’s a beach, with wavesounds and beach fun and water. But … it’s an English beach. And although I found my way there under a blue sky, it has real British weather (that’s rain, folks) piped in from the Internet.

Britannia curator Laredo Lowtide was kind enough to grant Second Life Beach an exclusive interview about Britannia Village on Green Park:

Second Life Beach: Tell me about this very British beach.
Laredo Lowtide: The beach is a loose homage to the beaches you’ll find on the southern coast of England. There’s a little of Brighton beach and a fair bit of Eastbourne. The wheel is a homage to the Brighton Wheel, the lighthouse and Martello are Eastbourne, for an example.
SLB: Is it a particular era or is it meant to be what somebody would find today in RL on those beaches?
Laredo Lowtide: We didn’t look for eras per se, more to give a feeling of a natural seaside spot. You’ll find this sort of pebble on a lot of English beaches.
SLB: Of course different ocean beaches have a wide range of different kinds of sand and rocks.
Laredo Lowtide: We used to run a London sim called London Village, so we’d pretty much exhausted London iconic builds, so it was nice to do Britannia Village.
SLB: London as a village? I find that hard to imagine.
Laredo Lowtide: In some regards after running a community high profile full sim this was like semi retirement. Bit like Eastbourne lol.
SLB: So I want to hear a bit about your water, your waves.
Laredo Lowtide: The waves we just added a few days back, switched over to more realistic ones.*
SLB: I like the splash on some of the piers, very realistic and nice.
Laredo Lowtide: Indeed. Every Sunday we have 7Sea fishing under there. I think it makes for an authentic bit of fishing.
SLB: I should make a special category in my blog for fishing, smiles.
Laredo Lowtide: Get a good amount of fishers here on Sunday evenings.
SLB: I want to ask about your “beach culture.” What other beachy things people do here .Does the big ferris wheel work?
Laredo Lowtide: Yes, you can ride the carriages. We do other events from time to time, DJs, quizzes..
SLB: Do people have houses here on your sim?
Laredo Lowtide: They can rent beach huts.
SLB: A beach hut… is that like a dressing room on the beach? or something else?
Laredo Lowtide: It’s mainly a social spot where you make what you want of it.
SLB: I notice something else that is different about this beach compared to a lot of beaches I know here. We are all wearing clothes, not bathing suits, very appropriate to February in England.
Laredo Lowtide: We have a weather system that does run in tandem to RL English weather. It’s been raining a lot of late in England, so it’s been doing so here
SLB: Wow, really? Tell me more about that! A beach with rain? What a great idea.
Laredo Lowtide: The weather here is run on an SL system that can be set to a database of global daily weather. When it rains in London, it rains here.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I am very excited about going back to Britannia’s pebbled beach to see the real English weather there. What a unique feature!

p.s. You can keep up with new developments at the sim’s own blog:

p.p.s. I joined the Britannia Village group yesterday, and already this morning got offered a free Doctor Who “regenerator.” Lots of Doctor Who stuff up on the prom, as  many locals are big fans of the series.

Not just salty — there are many flavors of ocean

I rent a small house on beautiful tropical Matanzas Island, hosted by my friend and very artistic creator Ms Skate Foss. But white sand, palm trees, and seashells are not the only flavor of Second LIfe beaches.

Junkyard Blues has a Gulf Coast environment chock full of trailer parks, shanties, and houseboats.

Tuff Old Boats, from cuddle canoes to boat rezzers to funky houseboats, are sold in Marketplace by both Jamz Dench and Rya Nitely but their sim is really worth seeing.

Blots Plot (The Old Mermaid Inn) has retro/vintage British seaside goods at bargain prices. Zoltar and candy floss, anyone?

These are just a few of the many great places that lovers of Second LIfe water should dip a toe into.